Join a Cannabis Club in Madrid

Read our guide to become a member of a cannabis club in Madrid. We will explain the process, details and answer any questions you might have!

What is a Cannabis Club?

Welcome to Madrid! Spain, unlike many European countries is quite favorable towards cannabis consumption, in private spaces. In Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and every region of Spain, we have private cannabis clubs where adults can come together and enjoy cannabis in a safe and regulated way. The club is exactly what it sounds like, a club! Groups of up to 100 people can gather together and consume whatever they want, food, alcohol and even cannabis. Different clubs have different goals, some are for students, others for athletes, women only some play sports, music, videogames, if you can think of it, there is probably a club for you!

Cannabis clubs are for the people, by the people and are culture creators, not culture destroyers.

CCM Founder

How is a cannabis club different from a Coffeeshop or Dispensary?

Great question! First of all, a cannabis club found in Madrid, Barcelona or any other region of Spain is not a business. Cannabis clubs are groups of individuals that collectively grow and use cannabis in a controlled space, known as a cannabis club. A dispensary is a business controlled by investors and large pharmaceutical companies. Madrid, Spain has CBD stores that are commercial and provide low quality CBD products. The only way to find "full spectrum" cannabis products is through a private cannabis club. Coffeeshops in the Netherlands and most famously in Amsterdam are another way of getting around big business. In the Netherlands, it is legal to buy and sell cannabis, but it is illegal to grow it. This loop-hole creates what is known as a backdoor policy which means that all cannabis secretly arrives at the coffeeshop through a backdoor. Coffeeshops at the end of the day are a business and you will feel pressure to buy something while you are there. Cannabis clubs are not a business and will never pressure you to contribute if you do not want to. Come and enjoy the private space and relax with your fellow consumers of cannabis.

Follow the links at the bottom of the article to join a cannabis club in Madrid today!

CCM Staff

How do I join a cannabis club?

Here in Madrid, you will need to need complete a few prerequisites in order to become a member of a cannabis club. Firstly, make sure that you are above 18 years of age and that you have a current or valid passport. Identity documents are accepted at most clubs, but you need to be from the European Union in ordered to be considered valid/legal. A document such as a driving license from another country is not considered a legal identity document in Spain. You will also need a recommendation from a current cannabis club member. Finish the guide and we can help you get in contact with current members. Once you have an invitation from a member you will take your passport and go to the club for the first time. At the club you will register and pay the annual membership fee usually between 40-75€. A membership fee is required to legally add you to the club. Don't worry, the club does not share you data with any goverment agency! Everything is kept inside the club for our personal records. Once you are a member, you can then contribute your donations to whatever the club has to offer! Some clubs focus on consuming flower, while others are gastronomy clubs that make their own edibles, there are even cannabis clubs that get together to watch football games!

How do I get an invitation from a Member?

Follow the links at the bottom of page where we can put you in contact with current members of clubs. They will be your ambassadors for Madrid and will help you with your journey while you are here. Please understand that you are a guest in Madrid and we want you to have a safe and responsible time while you are here. Your ambassador will have all the details regarding the latest laws and regulations, so please listen to them and follow the rules! Besides that, welcome to Madrid and we look forward to hearing from your great experiences with cannabis clubs.