Madrid Government Legalizes Cannabis in Luxembourg

Spanish President Pedro Sanchez authorizes Luxembourg to serve as "GrowHouse" for the rest of Europe.

Madrid decided this friday that Cannabis should be grown in a more central european location.

In a landslide vote with 286 for, 13 against 2 obstentions and 17 still on a smoke break, Madrid voted to legalize cannabis production in Luxembourg. Spain produces the vast majority of all cannabis in Europe which is then sent over the pyrenees usually by bike messenger or mule, to the rest of europe. Thankfully the government has seen the need to adapt to a new model and took the logical effort to chose a more central location. Luxembourg has a much more central region within the European Union and will allow for easier distribution.

"It just seems like the logical decision given their central location. They have an abundance of farmland and ability distribute to all regions within Europe.

Martin Cortado ~ Former Minister of Agriculture

2020-2023 Outlook

Madrid still has a quite a few hurdles to overcome in their effort to completely occupy Luxembourg for Cannabis Production. It seems that both the President of Spain and the minister of Agriculture from Luxembourg will meet during the Christmas holidays to hammer out the details. Usually the occupation of land by other countries needs official treaty recognition by all parties, but it seems that Madrid has other plans in mind. Rock, paper, scissors (Best out of 5) will determine the inital location of cannabis related projects. Towards the end of 2023 negotiations will again reopen and each parliament will play Red Rover to determine future contracts between Madrid and Luxembourg.

"Luxembourg aims to be the European leader in sustainable Cannabis production.

Alex Von Ludolf ~ Luxembourg Ambassador to Madrid

Current Spanish "GrowHouse" model not sustainable.

It appears that cannabis grown in Madrid and other regions of Spain faces many issues. The vast majority of cannabis is grown indoors and suffer from smell complaints from neighbors. Although not intoxicating, elders in the community simply prefer their morning coffee to not smell like a growhouse. Hopefully the new legislation will fix the 'smell' issue and allow for easier integration into European cannabis markets.